Our Story

We’ve been in business for over 5 years, and if there’s one thing we know about, it’s making sure that special days are truly special, and taking beautiful photographs of people from all over the world!

Check out our photo galleries to see some of the small and intimate weddings we have organized and some of the special photos commemorating them that we have taken throughout the years.

Why choose our photography package?

Money Back Guarantee

We will photograph your wedding or event and capture your memories for a lifetime. We are so confident that you will come away happy that we offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Exceptional Value

After your special day, we at Keys Pictures will create your finished collection within 48 hours, a vibrant and expressive set of 100 to 150 images telling your wedding story. You will receive all of your images in an online folder, with complete rights to reprint.

Knowledgeable, Experienced Photographers

We take weddings and events VERY seriously, making sure we’ve covered every possible angle, each small detail, and every fleeting moment.

We always arrive a little early to make sure you have everything you need to make the photos of your day exceptional.  We have done many weddings and events in the past years and concentrate on bringing out the beauty in everyone!

Worldwide Coverage

We are willing to travel! Although we live in the beautiful Florida Keys which happen to be a prime wedding destination, we can photograph your wedding or event anywhere in the world.

Ready to see us in action? about us

Sounds great, get in touch with us today to start planning your very own custom-made photography  package.

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Meet your Photographer - Anya

Anya is originally from Southern Germany, but has traveled most of the world and speaks 5 languages. She has been living and photographing in Key Largo and the Florida Keys since the beginning of 2006.

Anya loves to travel and never leaves home without her camera. Her true passion however is capturing people - their emotions, expressions and fine nuances that make certain moments so special for human beings.

Inspired and mentored by the famed wedding photographers of the Florida Keys, Anya loves to photograph smaller and more intimate weddings, where she can capture the details of the bride and groom as well as each guest. Thus she has made small weddings her specialty, finding the greatest joy in her small company focusing on intimate weddings, Keys Weddings LLC.

Check out our photo galleries to see some of the photos Anya has taken throughout the years.

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